Balwyn in Melbourne, Australia


tantra for individuals– Do you want to develop a deep and intimate connection with your own body?

– Do you want to train your body and mind to experience deeper, longer lasting ecstatic states?

– Are you interested in relating to others in a more soulful, loving way?

Tantra is a beautiful and unique spiritual approach that seeks to see divine in every aspect of the world in order to achieve a higher awareness and a deeper pleasure in life. Tantric practices are designed to connect to self and others by savouring the world outside and inside of oneself. Sexuality is seen as an art form and a prayer, it creates a union together with the body, mind and spirit that is perceived in a spiritual context. The ultimate goal of Tantra is a spiritual unity with the universe or the source or God (God within us, as opposed to God separate from us).

Tantric coaching sessions will also help you with a range of problems such as:

– men: premature ejaculation, problems maintaining erection, performance anxiety, orgasm difficulty, lack of sexual satisfaction, porn addiction, etc.

– ladies: low libido, difficulties achieving orgasm, insufficient lubrication, painful intercourse, lack of sexual satisfaction, sexual trauma, fear of intimacy, etc.

Private tantric coaching sessions are an amazing tool to bring your life and relationships to new heights and to experience new levels of bliss, deep intimacy, bodily connection and intensified pleasure.

Sessions are conducted in a very respectful atmosphere. You will never be required to remove any clothing or do anything you’re not comfortable with. All your boundaries will be respected and questions – answered!

Each session is 1.5hrs at $200. You can also purchase a package of 3 sessions at $500.

Our sessions are currently held in Melbourne, Australia.

Session 1:

  • What is Tantra,
  • Key tantric elements, principles and rituals,
  • How to incorporate tantric practices into your life and relationships,
  • Using sexuality for enlightenment,
  • How to connect deeply with a partner and build intimacy, at every stage of a relationship,
  • Enhancing physical pleasure,
  • Creating a heartfelt connection with others,
  • Introducing tantric terminology,
  • Core differences between male and female sexuality and how to use them for most bliss and pleasure (and best orgasms),
  • How to work your love muscle in order to feel more intense pleasure and last longer in bed,
  • Using your body for enhanced pleasure and connection,
  • Cultivating presence in your intimate encounters.

Session 2:

  • How to have a tantric date with a partner,
  • Building a positive body image and a closer connection with your body,
  • Using meditation to increase your awareness and pleasure,
  • Turning sex into meditation,
  • How to communicate about sex, pleasure and our sexual needs,
  • How to find out exactly how good a lover you are to your partners,
  • Using proactive communication to create union and stronger pleasure,
  • Dealing with past trauma and upset in relationships,
  • Taking trust to new heights,
  • Creating your own sacred space and love ritual.

Session 3:

  • How tantric sex differs from conventional sex,
  • Healing power of tantric sex,
  • How to open our hearts and connect our emotional energy with our sexual energy for a deeper intimate experience,
  • Circulating your sexual energy through your entire body and how to have full body orgasms,
  • How to move energy between you and a partner in order to merge energetically,
  • How to give a tantric massage, including lingam and yoni strokes,
  • How to experience sexual pleasure in your entire body.

If you want more, we will be delighted to customize our sessions in order to suit your individual needs!