Balwyn in Melbourne, Australia

What is Tantra: Introduction to Tantric Sexuality

tantric-sexualityWe all seem to relate Tantra to sex but Tantra is so much more! It’s a way of being, a way of living your life where you experience everything fully. Most of us only scratch the surface of all experiences available to us and Tantra says – ‘jump right in, you can feel and enjoy it so much more’!

The problem is that early in life we are trained and conditioned to restrain ourselves and to live superficially. We’re taught to be good girls, men who don’t cry, we grow up to become pushovers, doormats, bullies or machos unable to commit, etc. We learn to control our expression and our impulses so that there is nothing spontaneous, natural or wild about us anymore. We become disconnected from our bodies and their true needs. Tantra teaches us to connect again – with our bodies, with each other and with the Universe. Continue Reading…